Pub Golf 2023 – The UK’s Biggest Pub Golf Event


The UK’s Biggest Pub Golf Event is coming to Liverpool!

Leave your clubs at home – you ain’t gonna need them! Forget about sinking putts, this is all about how you can sink a drink 🏌🏿‍♀️🏌🏻‍♂️🍺

⚪ 4000 STUDENTS ⚪
⚪ 7 BARS = 7 HOLES ⚪

At each ‘Hole’ there’s a different drink challenge to face and a target number of swigs in which to drink it in. For example, you could be faced with a pint of cider with a ‘par’ target of 4 swigs, or maybe a glass of Prosecco with a ‘par’ 2 swigs. Follow the scorecard, keep your score and discover who is the Tiger Woods of Pub Golf within your group!

There are further penalties and hazards along the course just like real golf, so make sure you read through your scorecard properly!

🚨 All ticket holders can collect their very own Pub Golf Kit on the day of the event – PLEASE NOTE – your Scorecard IS YOUR TICKET and will be required to gain entry to all of the venues on the route! 🚨

🚰 Stay Hydrated! We promote responsible drinking. Please see 🚰

Your Pub Golf Kit Includes:

⛳ Scorecard complete with route and rules

⛳ Pencil to keep score

⛳ Your very own Pub Golf Liverpool Hat


Rules & FAQ’s:

❓What is a ‘Par’?

🗣️ A Par is a golf term for how many shots it should take to complete each hole. In Pub Golf, it’s the number of ‘Swigs’ you want to aim to finish the specified drink in at any given hole. Elite players shoot under par – can you!?

❓Is Fancy Dress Compulsory?

🗣️ No – but come on, get involved! Pub Golf fancy dress is super easy and of course we provide you with a free Hat as part of your ticket! It’s proper etiquette to dress appropriately and if you check your scorecard there are penalties for not wearing the proper golf outfit…

❓Do I need to finish the course?

🗣️ Of course not! We promote responsible drinking and the main thing is that YOU HAVE FUN. If you want to skip a hole then of course do so. We strongly encourage soft drinks and water in between holes too!

❓Where do I collect my Pub Golf Kit from?

🗣️ You can collect your Pub Golf Kit on the day of the event – Sunday 1st October – between 2pm and 11pm. We STRONGLY ADVISE collecting early as the event starts at 10.30pm and there will be queues.


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